Handles & Locks

Choice of several shapes and color shades

Verona - Natural Aluminum

Verona - natural aluminum door handle

London - Regular White

London - regular white door handle

London - Aluminum Alpaca

London - aluminum alpaca door handle

London - Bronze

London - bronze aluminum door handle

513G - Natural Matt

513G - natural matt aluminum door handle

538G - Bronze

538G - bronze aluminum door handle

538G - Natural Matt

538G - natural matt aluminum door handle

538G - Dark Brown

538G - dark brown door handle


Luxembourg - aluminum steel door handle

Luxembourg - Regular White

Luxembourg - regular white door handle

Luxembourg - Bronze

Luxembourg - bronze aluminum door handle

Luxembourg - Dark Brown

Luxembourg - dark brown door handle


Atlanta - aluminum steel door handle

Atlanta - Natural Aluminum

Atlanta - natural aluminum door handle

Atlanta - Regular White

Atlanta - regular white door handle

Atlanta - Brass Color

Atlanta - brass color polished door handle

Atlanta - Bronze

Atlanta - bronze aluminum door handle

HAUSLINE offers you the AV3 automatic locking system of the German door locking specialist Winkhaus