Smartia M 11500 Alutherm Super

Alumil M 11500 Alutherm Super a special profile for highly insulated windows and doors.



Thermal break is achieved with a glass reinforced polyamide PA 6.6 38mm to frames and 34mm to sashes, placing it in the highest thermal category (GROUP 1,0 according to IFT ROSENHEIM).

Air permeability CLASS 4

Resistance to wind load: CLASS C5

Weather tightness: E900

Soundproof up to 47dB

Supports double or triple glazing up to 58 mm.

Thermal permeability: Uf = 1,9-2,1 W/m2K

Supports double and triple glazing up to 70 mm


Anti-burglar protection WK3 certified.


Available in various designs - flat, curved, classic, giving alternatives to every architectural need.

Uses a concealed sash for more natural lighting.

Creates horizontal or vertical pivot windows and casement doors.

Unlimited choice of RAL colors and wood-dye painting.