Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. PVC vs ALU

    If you are considering PVC windows or doors you should know…

    • Products made of PVC are durable, fire resistant, and energy efficient
    • Multi chambered PVC joinery is resilient and has excellent insulating properties

    If you are considering aluminium windows or doors you should know…

    • Aluminium frames are amongst the most reliable and endurable choices you might find in terms of their strength. They are suitable for high performance sites with permanent loads, such as malls, cinemas, administrative buildings, hotels, etc.
    • Increased glass area due to slimmer frame capabilities is an aesthetic advantage of aluminium framing

  • 2. What is a chamber and how many chambers to choose?

    Chambers work by trapping air in pockets within the frame, reducing thermal conductivity and stopping heat from escaping.

    The more air chambers a frame has, the more energy efficient the window or door can be. This is because each chamber provides an additional barrier for the heat and the cold to contend with.

    Aluminium joinery used for interior constructions have only one chamber.

  • 3. What maintenance is required?

     Keeping your windows and doors clean will keep them looking and operating longer. Only use mild non-abrasive soap and water on frames and doors as abrasive or acidic cleaners can cause permanent damage to frame finishes.

  • 4. What is condensation and how do I prevent it?

    Condensation can occur when the surface temperature of a solid such as the glass, sash, or window frame is lower than the temperature of the air in the room. The moisture present in the air transforms into water on contact with these colder surfaces.

    Some simple but effective measures can be applied to decrease or eliminate condensation:

    • Choose windows and/or doors with high level of thermal insulation
    • Avoid humidifiers
    • Avoid hanging laundry inside
    • Try to reduce the number of plants or cooking without lids
    • Avoid drying firewood in the house
    • Ensure that your basement is well drained and protected against excess moisture
    • Make sure that gutters and slope of land surrounding the house drain water away from the house

  • 5. What are the benefits of energy efficient windows and doors?

      • Warmer house in the winter and cooler interior in the summer
      • Decreased possibility for condensation on your windows
      • Noticeable savings on your heating bills

  • 6. How much deposit do you require?

    We ask for a deposit of 50% (of the full invoice price) is paid when the order is placed.  We will then require payment of the final balance, which will be invoiced on complete satisfaction of the client at the end of the job.

  • 7. What is the normal delivery period?

    Lead times can fluctuate but we will provide you with current estimates in the written quotation we provide.

  • 8. How do I prepare my house for installation?

    Please remove your curtains, blinds, and/or window treatments. Please provide the installer with a clear path to the window or door by removing any personal items or furniture that is in front of or close to the windows and doors. It is also advisable to remove all wall decorations from the walls close to the windows.

  • 9. What happens to my old windows and screens?

    We generally remove all debris from your property and dispose of it. If you would like to keep them, please notify the installer as soon as he arrives for your installation.

  • 10. What do I do if I have a problem with the windows or doors after the installation?

    Do you have a post-sale question? We answer you, from 8h to 18h from Monday to Friday by phone or e-mail.

    Broken glazing or repair of your joinery? We keep the measurements of your joinery so that we can intervene without losing time.

    HAUSLINE offers you the following guarantees:

    • Profiles – 10 years
    • Glazing – 5 years
    • Mechanisms – 5 years